Minneapolis and Saint Paul join the worldwide movement of wonder and good

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Press Release, Sunday Assembly MSP

Welcome to Sunday Assembly Minneapolis an Saint Paul.

Sunday Assembly doubles the number of

member cities in one day

Sunday Assembly MSP launched in Minneapolis  and Saint Paul recently as part of a global launch event.  The monthly event includes sing-along rock music, community building activities, a dynamic presentation. The group’s motto is “Live Better. Help Often. Wonder More.”

Sunday Assembly recently kicked off in cities around the world: UK (7), the US (16), Belgium (1), Netherlands (4), New Zealand (1), Canada (2), France (1), Hungary (1) and Germany (2).

The average community size of the Assemblies is now 60-80 attendees, and the original Sunday Assembly London now has 300-400 attendees. In the first 6 months of 2014, Sunday Assembly contributed approximately 154 hours of volunteering in the community.

The worldwide group is less than two years old, yet expects there to be more than 100 sites by the end of 2015. Sunday Assembly’s mission is to build radically inclusive communities the goal of helping everyone find and fulfill their full potential.

The world certainly needs more community: social isolation and loneliness are on the rise with 40% of US adults say they are lonely compared to 20% in the 80s and 1 in 10 UK adults say they have no close friends. This has massive effects on society, and on the health of society with studies showing that loneliness has comparable impacts on your health as smoking and obesity, it impairs immune function and boosts inflammation and can contribute to arthritis, type II diabetes and heart disease.

The Sunday Assembly is proud to fight this decline in sociability with communities powered by karaoke, kindness and cake. Just by being with us you should be energised, vitalised, restored, repaired, refreshed and recharged. Sunday is radically inclusive. Everyone is welcome and is free to attend. For small children we have an activity corner where kid can play.

Sunday Assembly MSP meets the 2nd Sunday of every Month. For more information visit http://msp.sundayassembly.com.  Follow and Tweet us @SunAssemblyMSP