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Welcome to Sunday Assembly Minneapolis and Saint Paul!

Sunday Assembly is a rollicking good way to build a community of mutual support and doing-things-togetherness without invoking any deity.  An important benefit places of worship offer their members is the social aspect – people they see regularly, drink bad coffee with, send hotdishes to when they’re ill, volunteer with, “network” with, and look to for connection and emotional support. There’s no reason we can’t do that too, and without dogma – religious, political, or otherwise.

Plus, we’re ambitious enough to want to improve on the bad coffee, too.

We’ll meet regularly, listen to great talks, sing songs, connect for service projects, and generally celebrate the wonder of this one life we know we have.

If this sounds like it’s for you, it probably is.

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Sunday Assembly Band

Sunday Assembly Band

Lesson Learned

Presentation of “One thing I learned”